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Please Note!! All orders are processed BY HAND, by our well trained staff here at the World Salsa Federation. When you click "Checkout" on the online order screen, no charges are being applied to your credit card at that time. Your order is first reviewed for accuracy, and any discounts or special offers that you are entitled to are applied AT THAT TIME. This means, when checking out online, your online receipt total is NOT the final order total. Discounts will be applied in house, and reflected on your final shipping invoice and credit card charges. Starting May 15th, 2009, all orders under $30 will be charged a $12 shipping and handling fee. Thank you.

Due to economic uncertainty around the world, our DVD's will no longer have labels printed on them. You will receive them with full content but without printing in order to continue our low costs and free shipping policy.

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Please note: Absolutely NO REFUNDS. Exchanges only for defective DVD's. All recorded DVDs may not be playback compatible with some older and/or entry level DVD systems.